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LOL....The last shot is very very funny!!!

Chevrolet Middle East

Amazing shots!!!!The last one makes laugh loud!!And the the gal in the first foto is just like a doll!!!!and the guys with school uniform is sooo cute!!!!!!!


I love the first and the third photo.
Those people stick out.


I'm in love with your pictures... you always seem to connect to people you take pictures of.


different faces...nice captures!


All outstanding street shot . Shots are stunning in their awesome quality !

Major Tom

So very vibrant scenery only Hongkong could provide...

SD (Aspherical)

I dig the first photo - especially how the two women are looking in different directions, which makes the composition - yet they seem completely unaware of each other and you.

yiannis krikis

very beautiful street portrait - I like very much your work

Shadows of me

love ur of different people from Hongkong.

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful street portraits, third is my fav.


I love street photography! These are wonderful images... so many different expression of so many people going about their business!


Nice street series, the last image is intriguing, what is that man looking at ?


that last image got me smiling.. :) very nice shots.. :D

Wim van der Meij

Nice street shots, Sid. Some interesting faces too!


as them a lot!

Andrew Gould

Stand out captures, Sidney. Your subjects are caught so perfectly every time.


La rue est un spectacle permanent, il faut oser discrètement, j'y viens mais pas si facile qu'on pourrait le croire, donc mes félicitations pour la mise au point.

luna miranda

i like the different expressions of your subjects.


Very nicely captured candid pictures!


Je ne sais pas si ce qu'il lit lui déplait, mais tu as shoté au bon moment ! Bonne journée.


Le voyage forme la jeunesse et c'est le meilleur moyen de reste jeune.


it's amazing how fast your eyes, observations and photographer's speed in clicking away go, Sydney! I usually find it tricky to get candid pictures from people---have to think of composition and all those aesthetic rules---then when I get to that, the moment is gone!
Hats off to you!


I love how you've located the faces in the crowd and put focus of them. Great quality work.

Simply brilliant this article and H.K. Regards, Sidney.

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